Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cowabunga Bay

Draper opened up a new water park this summer called Cowabunga Bay. Nettie and I have been wanting to go and decided on Saturday to go and hit up the water park.

It was a lot of fun. They have a lazy river and then nine slides that are all connected together. You can't climb up to a slide without getting wet. It is like a giant playground for young and old. They have buckets filling up and dumping on you while you are in line. They also have water guns and hoses that you can start having a water fight with people. I think we got in some water fights with some little kids, but it was a blast and made us feel young again. Here is pic of us young ones :)

They have giant buckets that fill and and then dump tons of water on you. We had to try this out and also get pics of us doing it. So the next few slides is of us getting drenched by the bucket.
Getting ready for the bucket to dump

Here it comes.

Where are we??

There we are. We survived. Britni was so excited she had to cheer for us :)

The slides were also really fun except for the major wedgie at the end. But by the end of the day we figured out how to not get to bad of a wedgie :) Here are some pics of Nettie and I coming down a slide.
Here comes Nettie.

Splash!!! Nettie's feet.

Nettie coming out of the water. I love this picture of her hands up in the air and also the person next to her and you can only see their feet sticking straight up.
Here comes Autumn.
HOLY Splash!!!

I survived.

We had a lot of fun and want to go again. If anyone wants to go let us know and we will totally go with you.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Florida Final Day

The last and final day in Pensacola. We had to do something fun and what none of us had done before. We decided to go Parasailing. Here is a picture of us on the boat going Parasailng.

We volunteered Nettie and Russ to go first. Here they are flying high in the sky.

Video of Nettie and Russ getting pulled back in from Parasailing.

Mary and I were next. We were scared but got brave enough to wave.

Here is a video of Mary and I taking off.

After Parasailing we went and found a place to eat on the beach. One of my favorite things was being able to go into a restaurant and eat in your swimsuit. I was getting use to just being in my swimsuit all day long.

After eating and shopping we found a little quite beach with a little pier. Here us girls are posing on the new found pier.

Once again we met some friends on the pier. We met this guy that would throw a net out and catch fish. It was pretty cool watching him throw the net so I took a picture.

We also found some friends that were catching crab. Nettie got down and dirty and helped them look for crabs off of the pier. The locals were really friendly or they saw me with a camera and wanted to be famous for the day :)

Here are our two crab friends we met. We got to witness catching this huge crab. They were very proud of their catch.

After the day at the beach we had to make sure and go to FHE since it was Monday night. FHE for the night was going to Joseph's parents house and watching a movie in the pool. Nettie and I have decided we need to move out of Utah. There was an even number of boys and girls. That never happens :) So really if us girls weren't there visiting it would have just been the boys swimming and watching a movie. It was a lot of fun and lets just say I was a wrinkled grape after the movie. Below is a group picture of us.

Us girls got to play, play, and play some more. Why the boys were trying to figure out the setup. Look at how much they are concentrating on getting it to work. Don't worry they finally got the movie on and the sound working. It was a lot of fun and I wish I could do it again.

We had to wake up early again on Tuesday and head back to Salt Lake City. We had a blast on our vacation and it was great to get away. We were all sad to leave :(

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Florida Day Four

Day four was Sunday. So the first thing we did was go to church. We took a Sunday picture before we left for church.

After church we were lounging around waiting for lunch to cook when Mary asked us if that chair in the corner was a grown up car seat. She said she had been wondering everyday what the heck that chair thing was in the corner. Well the chair turned out to be a banana chair. Mary had never seen a banana chair so we took a picture of her seating in the the grown up car seat!!!

After lunch we headed back to the beach. There is nothing like a Sunday nap on the beach. Here is a picture of us girls at the beach.

After napping and playing in the water we decided we wanted to go and actually walk on the pier. So here is Nettie, Mary, and Russ walking down the beach.

As we were walking towards the pier we noticed a group of people gathered around. So of course we had to check it out. Guess what we saw on the beach????? A SHARK!!!! I guess one of the fishermen caught the shark and brought it up to the beach. Yep he got arrested. Your not suppose to fish for shark off the pier and also not suppose to bring them up to the beach. This was a blue shark and was about four feet long. CRAZY!!!

Group pic up on the pier.

This is a picture of the beach from the pier.

Our favorite thing about walking the pier was the fishermen. There were tons and tons of fishermen. We came across these three guys. They became our buddies and let us take pictures of the fish they caught.

Me holding up one of the bigger fishes that our favorite fishermen caught.

They had these awesome fishing poles that had like 5 or more hooks on them. I always thought you could only catch one fish at a time. I was wrong. I saw them catch three fish all on the same line. So COOL!!

This is my favorite picture. This little fish jumped right out of the ocean for me to take a picture of it!!!

Every time after the beach we had to go to the community showering place. At least that is what we called it :) Here is Nettie rinsing the sand off of her.

That night after the beach we ended up going to a Chinese Buffet. They had sushi and Nettie and I have never tried sushi. Nettie got brave and decided to try sushi for the first time. Here is Nettie opening wide for her sushi.

Umm I don't know about this.

This isn't very good I think I want to spit it out.
I'm glad I didn't try it. Maybe another day I will get brave enough to try Sushi. Stay tune for our Parasailing Pics and Video.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Florida Day Three

The third day in Florida was an adventure. We decided to drive to New Orleans because it was only a 3 and half hour drive. On our drive we drove through four different states and got to experience what each state was like. I took pictures of the State Signs and then a few as we drove through it so I could remember what they were like. The first state was Alabama.
Right before you got to the Mobile, AL you had to first cross this long bridge and then at the very end you go through a tunnel. Here is a picture of the tunnel. On our way back it wasn't as busy so we all held our breath and Russ honked his horn all they way through. :)
The next state was Mississippi.

The thing I remember about Mississippi was trees, trees and more trees. It felt like we were driving in a tunnel of trees.

The other thing I remember is the awesome Outlet Mall it had. We convinced Russ our Taxi driver to stop on our way back so we could go to the Coach store.

The next state was Louisiana.

Louisiana had some cool looking bridges. The one below is really really long. The scary part was they were building a new bridge to the side of this bridge. It kind of scared us to think they were building a new bridge to replace the old one we were driving on.

These two bridges were scary too. The were really tall and it was kind of freaky driving on them.

I also wanted to take a pictures of some of the buildings. I don't' know if this apartment complex was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and just never was worth to fix. But there was a lot of building and houses that looked like this. It kind of made me feel bad for New Orleans.

One of the main reasons we went to New Orleans was to go on an Alligator Air Boat ride. Here are some pics of our HOT Alligator adventure.

This is a picture of the swamp.

This was the first alligator we saw. She was heading right for us. On our side of the boat. Nettie and I we scared to death. I think I was pretty much sitting on the ladies lap next to me. :)

Here is a tour guide feeding the Alligator. Guess What?? Did you know Alligators like marshmallows. Ya I didn't know that. But the Alligator ate a whole bag of Marshmallows.
Here is a video of the tour guide feeding the Alligator.

Are tour guide decided he wanted to catch one of the alligators. Here is the video of him catching the alligator.

The Alligator he caught. It was scary the guide was talking and the alligator was hissing. Nettie and Mary were in the front row but they both were standing on there seats.

Here is a group picture that we took after our 2 hour HOT adventure out in the swamps.

After the Alligator adventure we went back into New Orleans and had to stop by Bourbon Street. I will have to say I really don't need to ever go back to this place. It was stinky, nasty, and 100% times worse then Las Vegas.

Here is Nettie, Mary, and Russ posing real fast on Bourbon Street.

Here are some Mardi Gras Beads. Of course we had to buy some beads for souvenirs.

Here is pic of us girls at the corner of Canal Street and Bourbon Street. We were wearing our newly purchased beads but you can't really see them that great.

We had an exhausting day if you can't tell by me and Mary's face. Nettie is just showing her happy smile that we were waiting for the truck so we could start our journey back to Florida.
Don't worry I didn't forget to take a picture of the Florida State Sign. It was dark so I made Russ stop and spotlight it so we could see it. It turned out to be a really cool looking picture.

Saturday was a long but very fun day. I was so glad we went and did the alligator thing and also got to drive through three different states. I now can say I have been to Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.