Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Night Fun

WOW Saturday was one exciting thing after another. We were invited to go to our friend Tyler's House for a BBQ. He lives in Woods Cross so as we were driving there we came across a rain storm. I-15 was covered in water and we all were driving about 50 mph when we came across a thick patch of water. As I drove through it water splashed up from my tires and the car next to us had its window rolled down. As they passed us they were laughing and wiping their faces off because I drenched them with water. OOPS!! But seriously who leaves there window down when it is raining outside. Here is a pic of the car.

We had a lot of fun at Tyler's BBQ. Nettie and I got brave and had Tyler give us rides on his motorcylce. Here are some pics and video.
Tyler and Autumn

Video of Autumn's Motorcyler ride.

Tyler and Nettie

Video of Nettie's Motorcyle ride.

Nettie had a little run in with the Motorcycle. As she was getting off of it her leg touched the exhaust pipes and she got burnt. Here are some pics of Nettie and her burnt leg.

Autumn was so kind and brought Nettie some ice to rub on the burn.

Nettie showing us how she got burnt.

This is what her leg looks like today. This picture doesn't do it justice. It looks worse in person.

Since we were in Woods Cross Nettie and I remembered about a place that has yummy ice cream in Bountiful. We were so close so we took the girls to get ice cream at Nielsen's Frozen Custard.

Nettie wasn't in the above picture so I had to get one of her too.

So the next story I tell you might shock some people, but don't worry we are smart girls and wouldn't do anything to dangerous. As we were driving back from Bountiful Nettie and Britni tell me to slow down because there are three boys in the car next to us. So I slowed down so they could catch up. They were staring at us and wanted us to roll down the window. Nettie not being shy rolled down her window and they asked her for her phone number. Nettie gave them her number and I drove off. A few seconds later she realizes she gave them a wrong number and wants me to slow down so they could catch up. I did and they caught up and was like hey that didn't work, so they gave us their number. At this time we were going 45mph in the car pool lane. I think we ticked a few people off :) Well we ended up going to Jordan Commons and meeting these boys. They were a little to young for us but it was fun to talk and take pictures with them.

Nettie wanted us to document that she got a guys number on the freeway :)

Here is a group picture of us and the guys we met on the freeway.

They were really funny and Nettie and one of them decided to do a funny picture. So here it is.

Sorry for the long post. We just had a lot of pictures to share for a Saturday night!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's Official I'm a Utah Driver!

A few weeks ago I (Autumn) bought myself a new car. I got a 2007 Honda Accord. I love me new car. My old 2001 Honda Accord went to my little brother Drew. I went home memorial weekend and Drew is loving his new car. He has already turned it into a boy car and has hung his snowboarding goggles in the rear view mirror. The only sad thing about getting a new car was I had to get Utah License Plates. I'm sooooo sad to get rid of my Idaho Plates. I'm proud to be from Idaho and actually sad to have Utah Plates.

Autumn's new car with Utah Plates

Autumn's New Ride

Girls Night In

Since Nettie and I have gotten so good on the BBQ we decided to invite some friend over to show them our skills. We invited some old friends from BYU-I. Britni came up from Provo with her roommate Kendra. Then Diane also came up with her two adorable kids Brooklyn and Dylan. We decided to have a hamburger BBQ. Here are some pics of us cooking and eating.

Britni and I posing by our nicely grilled Cheeseburgers.

Nettie, Di, Booklyn, and Dylan getting there cheeseburgers ready.

Britni and Kendra enjoying the Cheeseburgers. Hopefully they were tasty!

After eating Dylan wanted to show off some of his new skills. It was fun getting him to walk for me. I can't wait until Lilly gets to this age. It is so fun to watch how excited they get to walk.

After eating we decided to go take a walk down to the hot tub to soak.

Silly Girls!! Aren't they so HOT!!! I don't understand why we are all still single. We are some great catches :)

After Hot Tubing we came back to our place and watched the movie Forever Strong. It is a really great movie and recommend everyone to watch it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our New Running Journey

Today Nettie and I turned a new leaf and decided to start running. You heard me right RUN!!! We have decided we are totally out of shape and thought we were going to die!! After our run we decided to break out the BBQ that our parents got us on Easter. Below is us cooking some yummy Hot Dogs. Thanks mom and dad for our BBQ we LOVE IT!!!!

Memorial Day

Nettie and I went home for Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday we decided we would go golfing on Monday because my Mom and Summer went over to Malad on Friday and put flowers on my grandparents graves. Well we woke up on Monday and it was raining in Soda. So no golfing for us :( The good news is my Dad decided he wanted to go over to Malad to his parents grave. We were hoping it wasn't raining in Malad. Guess what it wasn't raining in Malad. It turned out to be a nice day at the cemetery.

This is what it looked like driving over to Malad. We were worried we were going to get rained on in the cemetery.

It turned out to be nice in Malad. So we got out of the cars and took pictures.
My dad standing by his parents grave.

Mom and Dad


Just a side note. I have to remind people ever year on Memorial Day that they have the date of my grandpa's death wrong. It says he died on August 26 but it was actually August 24. You might find it strange that I remember this and I was only 8 at the time, but I remember because he died the day before my 9th birthday.

Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day we all went to Malad. Our cousins Val and Ryan were blessing their two little boys. It was fun spending time with our wonderful Mom that weekend.

Family Pic

Hubbard Family

Summer, Bill, Lilly, and Ellie. This was Summer's first Mother's Day!! We love our LILLY!!
Sibiling Pic. We Love you MOM!!!

Dad and his sister Dixie.
Summer, Shelly, and Val just chillin on the couch.

Nettie holding Lilly and Tate. Tate got a bloody nose jumping on the tramp with all the kids.

Our New Apartment

Nettie and I decided we were sick of roommates back in August of 2008. So we went and got an apartment together. Our first apartment was a one bedroom one bath. In March we moved into a new apartment two bedroom/two bath. We love having our own bedroom and bathroom. I love it because Nettie doesn't wake me up every morning at 4:30 to go to work.

Living Room


Hallway to Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Second Bathroom

We love our new place!!!!!