Sunday, September 20, 2009

Salt Lake City Dew Tour!!!

Drew called up Nettie and I asking us if we wanted to go to the Dew Tour with him. Being the great sisters we are, we decided this could be something fun and something new for the both of us. Drew came down Friday night and the three of us ended up going to the Dew Tour on Saturday. Here our the three of us in the Energy Solutions Area waiting for the Skate Park Final to start.
We first went outside and watched the BMX Park Final. Wow amazing!!! I can't believe the tricks they were doing on their bikes. I would be soo soo very scared to do any of them. Here is a pic of a rider going off a big jump he was doing a 360 and I got him when we was facing backwards.
More BMX Pics.

We got pretty hot outside so we decided to go inside and watch the skateboarding. A pic of Nettie and I in ESA watching the skateboarding.

Here is one of the pro skaters riding the rail.

It was pretty amazing they would do tricks and jump a picnic table.

We are glad that Drew convinced us to take him to the Dew Tour. It was fun hanging out and bounding as siblings. I had some really cool videos but they wouldn't upload. I think they were to long. So you just get pics. Sorry!!

Labor Day!!

We went home to Soda for the long Labor Day weekend. We decided to walk down and see Steam Boat Springs since the reservoir is so low. It was really cool you usually can only see bubbles from the golf course, but since it was low you could actually see the little springs. For those who didn't know this was a great stop for the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. The picture below is Summer, Bill, Lilly and Drew.

Family pic for Summer.

Rich and I

The other reason we went home was to watch Summer and Bill in the UOBIRAC golf tournament in Soda. Summer and her partner Tom Fuechsel made it to the final day on Monday. We all went out to support Summer. Here is Summer on hole 3.

Summer and her partner did great. This is them in a tie breaker for first or second. Tom is getting Summer ready for the winning putt.

Summer just put in the winning putt. She was just getting ready to jump.

Summer and her partner Tom. Congrats guys on the awesome win. They are the 2009 UOBIRAC winners. Summer is an awesome golfer just like my dad.

Lilly even came out to the golf course to cheer on her Mommy!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sealing and Blessing Day for Lilly!!!

This past Saturday was a special day for Summer and Bill!! Lilly was sealed to them for time and all eternity!! She is theirs forever!! Below is a family pic of Summer, Bill, and Lilly.

Picture with the Grandparents.

Family Picture.

Picture with the Great Grandparents!!

Picture of Mom and Lilly!!

Picture of everyone that was at the temple. There were so many friends and family that came for the special event!!

Here is a close up pic of Lilly in her cute white dress. She was a little sleepy, but she is always so darn cute!!

After the temple we went to Summer and Bill's house were they blessed Lilly. Then we had a yummy luncheon in the backyard. But I didn't take any pictures of that sorry. Congrats Summer and Bill we just love Lilly and so excited she is yours forever!

A Weekend In Soda!!

We went home this past weekend. Since it was my birthday last Tuesday my Mom had made me a cake. When I got home of Friday they sang Happy Birthday to me and then we had some yummy cake. Nettie and Drew had went to the store earlier and forgot to take the ice cream out of the car so we were minus ice cream.

After church on Sunday we decided to go to second bridge because they lowered the reservoir in Soda back down to the river. I have never seen the reservoir so low in my life. It was fun walking around a somewhat Soda beach :)

My dad bought a metal detector some years ago. So we decided to take it with us and see what we could find. Here is Drew modeling with the metal detector.

Standing around waiting to see what our treasure is going to be.

Nettie taking her turn in digging.

In the end it was only a pop can :( But it was an old old Pepsi Free pop can. I have never seen that kind of can before so it must be really old.

We also came along some dead carp. Nasty big fish!!!

A picture of Rich and I so you know we were there too.

Its always fun to go home to Soda!!!