Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Weekend In Soda!!

We went home this past weekend. Since it was my birthday last Tuesday my Mom had made me a cake. When I got home of Friday they sang Happy Birthday to me and then we had some yummy cake. Nettie and Drew had went to the store earlier and forgot to take the ice cream out of the car so we were minus ice cream.

After church on Sunday we decided to go to second bridge because they lowered the reservoir in Soda back down to the river. I have never seen the reservoir so low in my life. It was fun walking around a somewhat Soda beach :)

My dad bought a metal detector some years ago. So we decided to take it with us and see what we could find. Here is Drew modeling with the metal detector.

Standing around waiting to see what our treasure is going to be.

Nettie taking her turn in digging.

In the end it was only a pop can :( But it was an old old Pepsi Free pop can. I have never seen that kind of can before so it must be really old.

We also came along some dead carp. Nasty big fish!!!

A picture of Rich and I so you know we were there too.

Its always fun to go home to Soda!!!

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