Sunday, September 20, 2009

Salt Lake City Dew Tour!!!

Drew called up Nettie and I asking us if we wanted to go to the Dew Tour with him. Being the great sisters we are, we decided this could be something fun and something new for the both of us. Drew came down Friday night and the three of us ended up going to the Dew Tour on Saturday. Here our the three of us in the Energy Solutions Area waiting for the Skate Park Final to start.
We first went outside and watched the BMX Park Final. Wow amazing!!! I can't believe the tricks they were doing on their bikes. I would be soo soo very scared to do any of them. Here is a pic of a rider going off a big jump he was doing a 360 and I got him when we was facing backwards.
More BMX Pics.

We got pretty hot outside so we decided to go inside and watch the skateboarding. A pic of Nettie and I in ESA watching the skateboarding.

Here is one of the pro skaters riding the rail.

It was pretty amazing they would do tricks and jump a picnic table.

We are glad that Drew convinced us to take him to the Dew Tour. It was fun hanging out and bounding as siblings. I had some really cool videos but they wouldn't upload. I think they were to long. So you just get pics. Sorry!!

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